The Banyan has inspired many of its supporters to produce beautiful expressions of its work.


The Banyan Theme by A.R. Rahman and
The Banyan Song by Blaaze


Did you know?

The Banyan and the Sir Ratan Tata Trust collaborate every month to provide a Rs.250 disability allowance to over 400 families suffering from mental illness. This benefit helps families to sustain care of their loved ones and reduces the financial burden of a family member with mental illness.

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The Banyan prevents homelessness as a result of mental illness.




The Banyan’s NALAM approach won a Grand Challenges Canada Global Mental Health grant in 2013!

Grand Challenges Canada is funded by the Government of Canada and is dedicated to supporting Bold Ideas with Big Impact in global health.
NALAM is a participatory, multilevel approach that seeks to address mental health issues by focusing on well-being and alleviating socio-economic distresses.
This exciting initiative will be spearheaded by passionate, skilled community mobilisers working towards happier, healthier communities.

To know more about NALAM, or visit one of the NALAM panchayats, contact:
Malavika Subramanian - +91 94454 73304,
Nisha Vinayak - +91 99402 75305,

TISS and BALM announce Challenging and Creative Job Oriented Post Graduate Programme: M.A. Social Work in Mental Health

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM) along with leading national and international experts in mental health have developed a M.A. Social Work in Public Mental Health to produce highly trained and motivated professionals to work with National District Mental Health Programmes, and other non-governmental and private initiatives in the country.

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"TISS Advertisement"
"MA Program Brochure"
"Online Application Form"

BALM and The Banyan attend the National Consultation on National Mental Health Programme .

The Banyan and BALM shared their grassroots experiences with a mixed committee at the national level meeting that addressed the implementation of the Mental Health Act and the District Mental Health Programme along with the importance of NGO support in this area. Read more about this in the BALM section of the January monthly report.

CMHP Awareness Activities

The community outreach team linked up with the CRDS NGO working to facilitate self-help groups (SHGs) in Thiruporur Block. The Banyan team of four attended their monthly meeting of 450 villagers and discussed mental health problems and treatment options in a quest bring understanding to this community. Click here for more details.

Adaikalam Residents' Reintegration

Four women from Adaiakalam were returned to the care of their families this month. Briefing families as to the status and history of their family members is often an emotional process for all parties. The Banyan after care team stays in close contact to ease the transition from Adaiakalam to home. Click here to read more about the reintegration and rehabilitation practices of The Banyan.

Full monthly report for January

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