Jennifer from the Community Living Project

Jennifer has been a resident of The Banyan since April 2008. She came to The Banyan with severe anger issues - her frequent outbursts left the other members of the Community Living Project fearful of physical harm. She visited the doctor many times and each time attempts to control her anger ended in vain. Jennifer understood that her anger was hampering her progress but was unable to curb it in any way.

The Banyan organized for some external counseling for Jennifer from a clinical Psychologist at NIEPMD (National Institute of Empowerment of Persons with Multiple Disabilities). The psychologist took several sessions with Jennifer and guided the social workers as to how best to manage her.

This proved to be a real breakthrough. Jennifer's behaviour has improved remarkably and she is now employed as a maid at a private home in Kovalam where she earns Rs. 800 per month. Her independence is now growing as is her popularity within the community!

Employment of Clients - The story of Andrews and his family

Andrews has been visiting CMHP on and off for a year - his attendance has been a little erratic in spite of support from his wife and family, including his two young sons. Some time back he was admitted to the inpatient facility at CMHP at the request of his wife. Unfortunately he did not want to stay and discharged himself to be found by his family at the Dargah in Nemeli. The Banyan representatives contacted him here and persuaded him that cooperation and consistent medical treatment would improve his life, outlook and relations with his family. Andrews found the prospect of returning to work and the level of independence he had before his condition deteriorated very motivating.

After some initial shadowing of Banyan staff, in which he participated wholeheartedly, Andrews was offered a job working in a Toll Booth. His illness is such that he found the busy traffic distressing and even after some counselling he was unable to continue with this employment.

Undeterred, further assessments were done and another job as a Security Guard for a school was secured. This has been a huge success with the whole family now supported by the connections this job has facilitated including accommodation, a salary of Rs. 4000 per month and a role for his wife where she can still look after their young son as well.

Previously non-compliant with medication, Andrews now comes to CMHP himself to collect his prescription. He has stopped drinking alcohol and his demeanour and behaviour is much improved leaving him a happy and supportive father and husband to his family.