Adaikalam | Community Mental Health Project | Community Living Project | The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health

Under the assumption that everyone is entitled to mental health care, and the reality that this is not provided by the State, The Banyan developed a gamut of services for the rural (Kovalam village) and urban (Chennai city) settings. Comprising psychiatric out patient facilities, health care services, a day care centre, financial support, support groups, community networking, awareness and sensitisation campaigns, and accessed by around 3000 people since inception, this project shows that mental health care is essential to communities and should be a priority on government agendas.

  • Almost 2,000 people have accessed psychiatric services in Chennai and Kovalam
  • 3,000 have accessed health care services in Kovalam
  • 67 have attended the Day Care Centre in Chennai - 1/3 of whom have subsequently found employment
  • 300 access the disability allowance to reduce the family burden of mental illness
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