Only 1 in 3 people who suffer from a mental illness seek help - think of all those lives that are affected when simple treatment could help them be happier.

If caught at an early stage, most mental illnesses are perfectly treatable. The problem is that most people just don't realize that their difficult thought patterns are often related to biological issues and can be addressed and made more positive and constructive.

If you think that you or any one around you might be struggling in any way then you must speak to your doctor or a local organization as soon as possible. Just voicing your concerns to a professional may help you feel better and set up to receive treatment.

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There is no shame in seeking help for a medical problem - be it physical or mental.

Types of treatment available

A professional or doctor is best able to advise you on the treatment you need for your individual situation; a combination of the below usually suits most people and can be engineered to suit your lifestyle.

Medication: Drug therapies are very effective at repairing the chemical imbalance leaving you in a position to think more clearly.

Psychological therapy: Depending on your circumstances any number of therapies are available including traditional counseling, cognitive techniques that suggest more constructive ways of thinking, group sessions or even hypnotherapy. Whatever you are comfortable with.