Each year The Banyan touches the lives of around 3,000 mentally ill people through its various roots; roots which only work with much watering from The Banyan's friends, donors and volunteers. Becoming part of The Banyan family, in whatever capacity, makes you a part of the journey and involves you in the rehabilitation and recovery of those that pass The Banyan's doors.

Many of The Banyan's full time staff started out as volunteers, many donors have become advisers and many others have offered their enthusiasm, expertise and encouragement over the years to make the organization as wide reaching as it is today. The unanimous reason behind our supporters' continued dedication is the careful, structured and considered use of all resources offered that has developed the organization into the family it is.

We highly value all contributions and can only emphasise how essential each and every donation is to the running and expansion of the The Banyan. Please join us in our mission to generate wellbeing in one of the most marginalised sections of society and support The Banyan in whatever way you can.