From Our Guest Book

Dr Abdul Kalam, President of India - at The Banyan’s 8th anniversary function, referring to the work of The Banyan - ‘I felt humbled only twice in my life and this is the second time’.

Ms Jayalalitha, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu - is ‘happy that here are two idealistic young ladies doing something to give a better life to mentally deranged women.’

Mr R. Nataraj - Commissioner of Police, Chennai - ‘Service to man is service to god. My sincere appreciation for the Banyan and the dedicated people of The Banyan.’

Mr Vivek Oberoi, Actor - ‘When I came here (The Banyan) and saw the place, it converted me into a believer. I loved the spirit of the place.’

Mr Madhavan, Actor - ‘I urge you to come and visit The Banyan. See for yourself what drives people who dream. See how with missionary zeal, pain is eased and feel the warmth. See women who have got their dignity back, and their glee at new-found and unexpected happiness.’

Mr Mani Ratnam, Director - ‘Banyan to me is hope - hope not only for the marginalised section of society but hope for every one of us - when two young girls straight out of college set up something like The Banyan and build it into what it is today, there is certainly hope, joy, and immense admiration in your heart. I am in total awe of these two youngsters and their team.’

Mr Vasanth, Director - ‘I’ve been really touched by The Banyan’s concern for fellow beings. And I feel committed to The Banyan - I will always be with them - in whatever way I can.’

Ms Mallika Badrinath, Cooking Expert. - ‘I never expected to find such a large organisation doing service here in Chennai. Hats off to the youngsters who are doing service for The Banyan.’

Sr.Jessy P.D., Seva Missionary Sisters - ‘Well maintained facility - our hearty congratulations and appreciation for your service.’

Mr Ashok Chand Jain - ‘I took great pleasure in visiting Floor 1, I am fully satisfied with The Banyan's work.’

Archana Singh - ‘Good to see your organisation growing but sad to see so many people homeless. Keep up the good work.’

Mr Bryan Shanmugalingam, Malaysia - ‘Peace begins with a smile. It's here at The Banyan.’