DRIVE FOR ELIMINATING GENDER BIAS! : An exclusive interview with Priya

Priya is 20 years and has joined The Banyan as a driver. She studied upto 9th standard and went on to work in a telecalling job and has worked in varied fields like export garments etc. She wanted to do something different in her life and thought of the option of being a driver - The reason being there aren't many female drivers and if she chooses this she would be looked up to as someone different.

She then went for training at ANEW (Association for Non-Traditional Employment for Women and trained for 2 months as a driver. Post which she joined The Banyan. She has been here for the last couple of months and has started enjoying her work is what she says..the reason being she feels like it's her home.

When asked about the work that she does she says she is very proud to be a driver and more so for an organization like The Banyan. About her views on the work and the place she says the residents who are here are given more freedom here than at home. Whether it is with regards to raising their issues, movement, food, clothes, and the kind of work that they are doing.there is freedom to do what they want.

First impressions? She comments that she was very scared to enter the premises the first few days of her work. Now the scenario has changed and she aims at working here life long and even if the organization wants her to leave she will not!

Looking forward to you steering us ahead on The Banyan journey, Priya!