Volunteer at The Banyan!

What Kind of Volunteers Are We Looking For?

Hardworking, Enthusiastic, Proactive

We look for volunteers who are pro-active, enthusiastic and hard working. Volunteers have made such an invaluable contribution to The Banyan's work in the past and we are always looking for fresh ideas and skills.

We ask that volunteers apply so that we get the information that we need to match our expectations and yours.

We want to give our volunteers a wonderful, life-enriching experience while at the same time gaining from their experience and skills.

Once volunteers have been accepted by our team, they are asked to come in and discuss the role with our volunteer co-coordinator. Volunteers are given the opportunity to have a day long orientation and visit all the project sites. This can give volunteers great insight into the work The Banyan does and inspire them as to what and where their skills are most useful.

Many volunteers become long term friends of The Banyan and continue contact even after their volunteering experience.


PLEASE NOTE: If you are available exclusively on weekends, we will not be able to accommodate you as a volunteer. Our clients are encouraged to rest and engage in leisure activities on the weekend, and most of our mentors and staff are unavailable on Saturday and Sunday.

HOWEVER, those who wish to exclusively engage in writing engagements are encouraged to do so even if they are only available on the weekend. 

Volunteer Experiences

"I volunteer with The Banyan because I feel that the most powerful asset is the mind. A person is the most handicapped if their mind doesn't function properly, I greatly empathise with persons with mental illnesses.
Therefore, I try to contribute something"


"Volunteering with The Banyan has developed my skills as a global mental health researcher and will greatly inform my future social work practice."


Volunteer Roles

Volunteers can choose how to assist us based on our needs and their skills
  • Donation Drives (clothing, electronics, newspapers)
  • Fundraising Events (hosting, planning)
  • Run  workshops (e.g. vocational training, grooming, hygiene, nutrition, cooking)
  • Plan outings or meals for our residents
  • Interior design for common spaces
  • Hire a client from The Banyan to work in your home or company
  • Photography & Videography
  • Writing/Editing blogposts
  • Research writing
  • Data collection
  • Translating documents into local language (e.g. Tamil, Kanada, Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam)

Interested in volunteering?

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Haven't heard any follow up on your application? E-mail us at mrinalini@thebanyan.org

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