Empowerment & Social Inclusion

Choice and interested based skills development, employment and social enterprises

It is critical to the recovery of those suffering from mental health issues to find a sense of independence, empowerment and purpose in their lives. We offer choice and interest based skill development and work placement options that promote inclusion, facilitate financial security and a sense of personhood.

We hope to discredit myths that are associated with those with mental illness not being able to live productive lives. Research has shown that not only can those with mental illness effectively participate in work and employment, but that it also helps with their personal recovery.

The Banyan also provides small and medium scale grants to aspiring intrapreneurs, entrepreneurs, users and caregivers alike. Social cooperatives are federated across projects to offer psychosocial and economic support to clients working in similar jobs and geographies.

client in tailoring
beauty skills

Arts & Handicrafts

We promote play with colours and work with hands because research shows that it contributes to hand eye coordination, and motor skill improvement and increased creativity.

Several handmade products in wire, jute, loom, wood in addition to calendars, notebooks and handbags are made at The Banyan through our skills development and vocational training programme. These products and more are available through order with options for home delivery.

These products are available for purchase through our partner organisation, Talent Treasury’s website. 

Hospitality Services

The Banyan homes several social cooperatives in the area of hospitality.

This includes home care service providers, restaurant managers, front desk employees, hospitality assistants (waiters, cleaners, laundromat). Turnkey services for housekeeping are provided for all our projects and now are independently run through a social cooperative, Veedu, that provides housekeeping and laundry services for a hostel for students at BALM.

Some of these social cooperatives also offer rural tourism options through home stays, guided tours in the rural areas where we work.

Health & Social Care Services

Tapping into the empathetic energies of people with mental health issues to offer home based nursing care for persons with disabilities,  mental health issues, elderly care and employment into The Banyan as lay healthcare workers, peer-advocates, personal assistants and programme managers.







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Wire Basket
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beauty services
amali & jackulin

Employee Testimonials

“I have been working in the tailoring unit for eight years, when I wasn’t working I felt really bored, and now I feel really happy that I have this work to do. I do work and I also train others, this makes me feel really good because I’m teaching someone something new. I especially love when we get bulk orders, it might be stressful at times, but I still pray to get bulk orders because it challenges me and makes me feel good!”

Mariam Head of Tailoring Unit

External Employment

We link with external employment agencies that are willing to work with The Banyan to provide employment opportunities for those living with mental health issues and provide sensitisation, training and orientation to the employers.

Some of the organizations that we have linked with to provide employment for our clients are:

  • Oriental Cuisines
  • Xtreme Cleaners
  • MGM
  • Physis Energy Pvt. Ltd
  • Qube Cinema Technologies Pvt. Ltd
  • Eve’s Beauty Parlor
  • Wire & Co.
  • PS Apparel
  • Sunbeam Healthcare and rehabilitation Center
  • AtmaNirbhar
  • Kromatiks
  • Vijaya Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

How can you help?


If you are looking to hire someone as an employee in your home or at your company, we may have individuals who are interested in the position. Contact Mrinalini at mrinalini@thebanyan.org for more information.


Partner with us to train one or many individuals with mental illness in a specialised skill that will be useful for them in their home or in getting a job.

Contact Mrinalini at mrinalini@thebanyan.org for more information.


For a small fee, The Banyan offers corporates sensitisation training on mental illness. This is particularly useful if you have individuals living with mental illness in your workforce. 

Contact Mrinalini at mrinalini@thebanyan.org for more information.


If you are in need of products for gifts, a party or even a wedding we provide great prices for bulk orders of our handmade products. Contact Aditya at aditya@talenttreasury.com for more information.


Our skills development unit is still growing, and therefore we can use all the help we can get. Donate as much as you can to help our skills unit grow!

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