Frequently Asked Questions

What is a mental illness?

The World Health Organization (WHO) defines a mental illness as a health issue that is associated with changes in thoughts, emotions, behaviour and relationships with others.

Mental illnesses, just like any other illnesses,  manifest due to a combination of biological, genetic and social and environmental factors.

How long does a client usually stay in your Emergency Care and Recovery Centre?

On average a client stays in our ECRC for a period of 92 before being reintegrated or transitioned to one of our inclusive living options.

What happens if you can’t reintegrate a client with their family?

When we are unable to reintegrate an individual with their family for a variety of reasons (due to high-support needs, lack of a family to go back to, family’s inability to care, family is the cause of major distress etc.), these individuals are given the option to reside long-term in one of our inclusive living options.

What percentage of your residents are successfully reintegrated?

About 70-80% of our clients are successfully reintegrated.

How are you able to locate the families of clients who are not from Tamil Nadu or Chennai?

We have connections with local organisations and police across the country and our reintegration team works alongside them to locate the families of individuals.

How do you make sure that a client continues to receive adequate care after they have left your ECRC?

We have an aftercare network through which we keep in touch with and provide support for clients that have been reintegrated through phone calls and home visits. Clients are encouraged to access our outpatient clinics if they reside in Chennai or Kancheepuram district, otherwise we connect them with local organisations and hospitals in their local area.

A friend/family member has a mental illness and I don’t know what to do, how can I help them?

Be understanding, kind and empathetic towards them. Show your support and listen to what they have to say. Ask them if they are getting treatment (if they are not, offer to help them find effective care). If your friend/family member comes from a low socioeconomic background you can access one of our outpatient clinics, otherwise please visit our resources page to try to find mental health services in your area. 

Do you receive funding from the Government?

We have received a government grant from Swadhar. We also received 6.5 grounds of land from the government for our Emergency Care and Recovery Centre. If you would like to donate funds, please click here

What can I do to help?


We are looking for help in many different ways! You can donate funds & items, volunteer your time, spread awareness on mental health or even start your own fundraiser. Please visit our Take Action page to find out more.




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