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The Banyan Internship Programme

is available throughout the year, and applications from different spheres of training and education are encouraged.

The Banyan’s internship and fieldwork program is available through April to June, July to September and December to February. We welcome applications from interested students/ persons.


Summer Internships (April to June)

  • Applications open – 20th February
  • Applications close – 15th March
  • International Applications must be submitted by – 10th March

Responses to applications will be finalised by 20th March

Fall Internships (July to September)

  • Applications open – 25th May
  • Applications close – 15th June
  • International Applications must be submitted by – 10th June

Responses to applications will be finalised by 20th June

Winter Internships (December to February)

  • Applications open – 20th October
  • Applications close – 15th November 
  • International Applications must be submitted by – 10th November

Responses to applications will be finalised by 20th November


How to apply:

If you are interested in interning with us, please fill out the online application form at the bottom of this page.

The Banyan charges a processing fee of Rs. 2000/- for interns from India and $100 for international interns.

The amount is to be paid by cash, cheque, or direct deposit in the name of 'THE BANYAN’.

International volunteers will be sent The Banyan’s bank details upon request.


Acceptance and Orientation

You will be placed in the following projects based on interest and suitability:

  • Emergency Care and Recovery Centre (Mogappair/Kovalam)
  • Shelter for Homeless Men with Psychosocial Needs (Santhome)
  • Community Mental Health Program (Thiruporur Block/Santhome/KK Nagar/RK Salai)
  • Clustered Group Homes (Thiruvidandhai)
  • Home Again (Mogappair/Nemmeli/Trichy/Malappuram)
  • Department of Rehabilitation (Thrissur/Trivandrum/Calicut Mental Hospitals)
  • Kerala Community Mental Health Clinics (Attapadi/Ottapalam)
  • Maharashtra Community Mental Health Clinic (Aghai)
  • Skills Development, Employment facilitation and Social Cooperatives (Across all Projects)
  • Department of reintegration and aftercare (Mogappair)
  • Administration and Finance Work (Across all projects)
  • Department of Fundraising and Communications
  • Research
    • Homelessness and mental illness - bidirectionality, phenomenology, ethnographic observations and personal narratives
    • Banyan services - Audit by clients and caregivers, participatory action research, third party observations
    • Policy research - Mental illness, disability, poverty and sustainable development

All interns will be oriented to different projects on the first week of their internship, as per the following schedule:

    • Monday – Emergency Care and Recovery Center and Urban Shared Housing; Introduction to homelessness and mental illness, functions of the ECRC, departments of psychiatry,  social work, psychology, nursing, long-term care and inclusive living options in the community (home again).
    • Tuesday – Urban Mental Health Programme (Day Care at State Resource and Training Centre, and Stella Maris College); Functions of a daycare centre, introduction to mental health advocacy and social care.
    • Wednesday – Shelter and community outreach; Introduction to concept of shelters in India, importance of community outreach, concepts of soup kitchen and street engagement.
    • Thursday – Health Center, Clustered Group Homes and Rural Shared Housing. Introduction to NALAM.
    • Friday - Orientation to reintegration, aftercare, skills development and vocational training. Completion of registration process at ECRC.



You will receive the following documents for mandatory reading as soon as your internships are confirmed:

  • Structure and Process Document (The Banyan)
  • Home Again Manual (The Banyan)
  • Handbook for Shelters (Centre for Equity Studies)
  • Open Shelter Manual (The Banyan)
  • Research studies pertinent to students’ area of interest
  • Opinion pieces, editorials and press information on The Banyan

You will also be asked to fill out a Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Questionnaire on mental health at the beginning and end of your internship in addition to an agreement form.

A test will be conducted on the last day of the internship at the Emergency Care and Recovery Centre. Contents from aforementioned documents will be included in the test syllabus. Students have to get a minimum of 50% in the test to obtain their internship certificate.

Assigned Tasks

Tasks Bachelors Students (All Disciplines) Nursing Students Masters Psychology and Social Work Students Law Students Business and Development Studies Students
Critical Time Intervention (Primary Care Dept.) - Physical Evaluation, First Aid Preparation of first aid kits, evaluation of client at rescue site, rescue formalities, orientation to The Banyan, walkabout - -
Case Management - General observation of individual sessions, Engage clients in group activities, Conduct Health Education, Head to Foot Assessment, Assist in Gait Training, Assist in Self care retraining, Organize Dance Sessions, Feed/Serve Food for sick, Back Care/massage for upper and lower extremities, Demonstrate oral care, Assist in the Medical Camp Mental status examination, individual care pans, case work, group work, therapeutic community sessions - -
Reintegration - Explore family details Help in reintegration sessions (based on language), Pre discharge home visits (summary of the family details, community mapping, scouting psychiatric facilities), Psycho social assessment of clients in Pre Discharge Unit (before discharge), Help to build local support system with in the community before Reintegration. - -
Aftercare - - File Review, Home Visits, alongside summaries, Aftercare Network - preliminary reaching out, Aftercare Kit - Preparation. Paralegal perspectives for users especially for clarifying property / marital legalities. -
Skills Development and Vocational Training Special skills training, sale of Banyan products at stalls Assist clients in vocational training participation Assessing client needs for employment, completion of checklists, individual training plan, placement and problem solving, job fairs and sensitisation sessions for employers, sale of Banyan products at stalls Special skills training, sale of Banyan products at stalls Sale of Banyan products at stalls, online marketing, advertising campaigns, P&L reporting
Community Outreach Tuitions for children, preparation of learning material for tuitions, awareness campaigns - Psychoeducation for community on assigned topics, community organisation, social action Tuitions for children, preparation of learning material for tuitions, awareness campaigns Community mapping with focus on one of the following parameters (or as assigned by supervisor): gender disparity, caste/class factors, safety, substance use, housing, education, health care
Advocacy Help Desk Enrolment, Petition writing. Helping in organising Circle rounds - Follow up of Help desk referrals, Facilitating Adhar card, voter Id, Disability certification. Enrollment of eligible candidates for welfare schemes Training material preparation on UNCRPD, Mental Health act. Follow up of clients enrolled in help desk for legal aid support. -
Fundraising & Communications Fundraising and donation drives, Social media content creation & management , Blog post editing/ writing Fundraising and donation drives. Fundraising and donation drives, Speaking with clients to get stories to feature on social media, website and blog. Pro Bono legal work for clients and families as needed. Fundraising proposals, Corporate linkages for CSR, Linkages with media outlets for media coverage , Assisting with writing and editing donor reports
Research Translation and Transcriptions Research Assistance Review of literature, Data Collection, translation, transcription and coding Review of literature, translation and transcriptions Research Assistance


Please note that research at The Banyan is permitted only if you submit a complete proposal a month in advance to your internship period and your research interests match with an existing study taking place at The Banyan. This proposal has to be approved by The Banyan’s Institutional Review Board (IRB).


The IRB reserves the right to refuse a research proposal should the study not contribute positively to the wellbeing of The Banyan’s clients.  The Banyan does not permit or engage in any clinical trials. In such an occasion, we will not able to accommodate your request.


Application denial:


The Banyan reserves the right to refuse internship applications, when the number of internship requests exceeds the available seats, or when internship expectations cannot be met by the organisation. Undergraduate students are not permitted to engage in independent case work with clients. They may however, observe and assist their supervisor or case manager.


Safety Precautions:

Your safety during hours of the internship at the worksite will be guaranteed by The Banyan, but management will not take responsibility for incidents that take place outside work hours.

We invite and encourage you to apply for an internship at The Banyan! Interns are an integral part of our day-to-day operations and this partnership has been a mutually enriching one.

Please fill the form below

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