Reintegration and Aftercare

& Aftercare

Preparing for and facilitating the return home and staying in touch to prevent relapse into illness and homelessness


Remaining in institutional settings for an extended period of time can result in a halt in functionality, a relapse in or persistence of symptoms. The homeless individuals who fall under our care usually have homes that they can go back to, they just need a little help in finding them again. 

Our social workers and reintegration painstakingly draw out details about our clients native home in hopes of helping them find their way back. In some cases, their homes are not far and we are easily able to locate their relatives. In other cases, they have travelled far from their villages and ended up in Chennai.

Our reintegration team and social workers pour over vague and minute details to arrive at a conclusive location which is then confirmed by local police or partner organisations.

Reintegration adventures are sometimes filled with adventure and excitement, other times with dejection and sadness and our staff are trained to deal with both these kinds of situations. 

From traversing several villages with the same name until the right one is reached to braving bad weather, our reintegration team has done it all.  80% of our women have returned back to their families all over India since 1993.  

Prior to reintegration, we conduct thorough home visits to confirm adequate living conditions and social support. The family is also educated on the client’s current status, symptom & medication management.


The pre-discharge period is a month long period of time that aims to help clients regain or obtain skills for independent living.

During this period, we help identify anticipated challenges that our clients may face when they return home and prepare them for these situations.

Reintegration steps


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Arthi counted down days to her momentous journey back home by stitching tiny clothes for the young babies she had left back home when she had wandered away.

When the day finally arrived and the team reached her village, she was unable to recognise the environment around her. Dejected the party was ready to leave, when a chance encounter with a villager crossing railway tracks on his bicycle turned the story around.

Instantly recognising her, he led the team to her home. The home was decked in flowers and other finery that day. As Arthi waited to see her babies, tall adults emerged from inside her home running to envelope her in a hug. She was finally home after twenty years - fortuitously, on the day of her daughter's marriage!


For both family members and clients,  the process of reintegrating can be a difficult transition.

To reduce distress that comes with this transition we create individualised aftercare plans that guarantee continued access to care and services to prevent relapse into illness or descent back into homelessness. 

Domains of Functionality

These plans take into account 6 domains of functionality while continuing to offer a range of services

aftercare domains


aftercare services
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