The Centre for Mental Health and Inclusive Development, co-founded by The Banyan and Rural India Supporting Trust (RIST), envisions “to build inclusive living options and mental health friendly communities as a response to the prolonged segregation of individuals in psychosocial distress in an institutional setting, by adopting justice-oriented approaches and as a result, values of participation, equity, dialogue, inclusivity, choice, social mixing and interdependence are promoted”

Centre for Mental Health and Inclusive Development : CMHID

The Home Again model has been featured as a successful model in the (i) Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development, and more recently, in 2021 by the (ii) World Health Organisation (WHO) in its “Guidance on Community Mental Health Services”, a comprehensive guidance document accompanied by a set of seven supporting technical packages which contain detailed descriptions of the showcased mental health services, including “Supported Living for Mental Health”.

Partnerships and Replications

Our core principle emphasises the co-production of knowledge, recognising that the expertise and insights of individuals and communities play a vital role in shaping effective mental health interventions. Therefore, we actively engage multiple stakeholders, including service users, community members, healthcare providers, and policymakers, in developing and implementing our models.
To ensure the scalability of our solutions, we focus on multi-stakeholder engagement, fostering collaborations and partnerships across sectors and disciplines. By leveraging the expertise and resources of diverse stakeholders, we can effectively expand our reach and impact.
To know more about our partners and scale-ups, please refer to the partnerships section. 


people with histories of homelessness and mental health issues live in 125 homes across 23 locations.
90 %
experience meaningful gains in community integration
demonstrate a decrease in disability.

Stories of Hope and Resilience

Some years back, my family called me back to live with them. I rejected that and chose to live alone (rented a house in Kovalam and worked to meet my expenses). Living alone has been contagiously comforting. I can transact and not transact as per my emotional needs and preferences. However, the Wardha floods damaged the house along with all my belongings, post which I decided to return to living with The Banyan. Shared homes have been an extension of the life I was getting used to, I get to live life on my own terms, with support being available when required as per my direction.


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