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The needs of those who live in the margins are our collective responsibility.
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About Us

150 million Indians are estimated to live with mental health issues, yet 83% remain out of the care they need. In this context, socio-economic liabilities (gender, caste, class) render people with psychosocial disabilities homeless, with limited options of long-term institutionalisation or living on the streets. At The Banyan, we are working to substantively change this scenario.

We offer comprehensive mental health services in a range of institutional and community settings for people with mental health issues living in homelessness and poverty. We work in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Maharashtra with a population of 1 million servicing low-income households and homeless people through a range of approaches that include hospital-based care, housing in rural and urban neighbourhoods and community clinic-based mental health solutions.

Emergency Care and Recovery Centre

Emergency Care and Recovery Centres (ECRCs) offer multidisciplinary, person-centred hospital-based care for homeless people with mental health issues to recover and re-enter stable housing and community living arrangements where they may pursue fulfilling lives.

Home Again

Home Again offers housing with bespoke supports leading to substantive community integration gains for people with psychosocial disabilities at a fraction of what it costs to institutionalise long-term.


NALAM offers community mental health services that combine clinical interventions with social entitlements through grassroots action by locally recruited and trained mobilisers and outpatient services by multidisciplinary teams.


homeless people with mental health issues reached through emergency care and recovery services
75 %
homeless people with mental health issues reintegrated back to families and communities of origin
people with psychosocial disabilities transitioned to inclusive housing options in the community
people with mental illness and their families supported through proximal, comprehensive community mental health services through grassroots cadre of wellness mobilisers
35 - 40 %
service users across programmes engaged in employment through diverse work options
strategic partnerships including diverse non-profit stakeholders across India to collaboratively replicate successful approaches and scale impact


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