Bridging Gaps and Fostering Resilience : The Banyan Way
At The Banyan, we have embraced an integrated approach to mental health care, acknowledging the interplay between social disadvantage and mental well-being. Our commitment to addressing the needs of vulnerable groups has resulted in tailored care packages spanning emergency to long-term support. With a focus on individual strengths, support networks, and active participation in social and cultural life, we strive to empower our clients and enhance their social capital. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, The Banyan remained dedicated to providing comprehensive mental health care and support.

Our Initiatives

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Skill Building and Remote Learning


  • Our dedicated staff organised remote classes and skill-building sessions for clients, empowering them with valuable knowledge and capabilities.
  • This focus on continued learning supported personal growth and development, even during challenging times.

Empowering Self-Care Initiatives


  • Clients took the initiative to engage in self-grooming activities, promoting personal well-being and boosting self-confidence.
  • Active client participation in housekeeping, cooking, and assisting staff with chores further strengthened their sense of responsibility and ownership.

Embracing Technology for Connectivity


  • The Banyan implemented technology solutions across centres to facilitate communication and keep clients connected with their loved ones.
  • This technological adoption ensured that vital social connections were maintained, despite physical distancing measures.

Positive Impact on Client Behaviour


  • The clients, especially those in the ECRC programme, embraced additional responsibilities due to reduced staffing, resulting in a reduction in behavioural issues.
  • Increased engagement and empowerment of clients fostered a harmonious and supportive environment.

Enhanced Efficiency and Planning


  • Our dedicated staff showcased increased efficiencies in planning and execution, adapting swiftly to the changing circumstances.
  • Despite reduced staff, we ensured seamless operations and maintained the quality of care and support provided.

Collaborative Support and Empowerment


  • Clients and staff joined forces to bridge the gap caused by reduced staffing, demonstrating remarkable teamwork and resilience.
  • Mutual emotional and social support between clients and staff created a strong sense of community and camaraderie.


1.  Helpline Support:

  • A toll-free helpline was set up to serve more than 3,000 after-care and outpatient clients of The Banyan to enable them to access social entitlements

2. The Fuel-A-Dream Campaign

  • This was conceived by Amiteshwar Palanivelrajan, an 11th-grade student in Chennai, to support outreach clients and their families whose livelihoods were impacted due to COVID-19.
  • A total of INR 244,800 funds were raised to enable clients from daily-wage backgrounds in Tamil Nadu to access essential needs.

3. New social Co-operatives started

  • Vegetables Co-operative
  • Laundry Co-operative
  • Café

4. Initiated a webinar series on improving mental well-being with Prakriti Foundation

  • The Banyan Academy developed a wellness manual as a key resource for this initiative.
  • These webinars were primarily aimed at artists, a community the Prakriti Foundation supports and nurtures.

5. Mental health support with Sundram Fasteners Limited

  • Academicians and practitioners from The Banyan Academy and The Banyan offered 40 webinars on mental health wellness for 1,600 employees of SFL from
  • July to September.
  • They will discuss early signs of distress, self-care and mindfulness.

6. Wellness sessions with V-Sesh

  • A webinar was offered to people with hearing disabilities in partnership
  • with V-Shesh. This pan-India organisation enables employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

7. Collaboration with the HCL Academy 

  • HCL Foundation invited senior experts from The Banyan and Koshish to speak on ‘Critical care services for persons with mental health issues during COVID-19.
Learn more about our COVID-19 response: https://thebanyan.org/resources/

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